Session Fees

The fees for my sessions are as follows:

15-minute consultation: free

First 50 minute session: £30

All subsequent 50 minute sessions: £50

Please note that I do offer a sliding scale for those of low/no income, retired or undergoing studying/training. Please feel welcome to enquire for further details.

I ask kindly that payment is made before the beginning of each session.


During this time, my practice takes place online and over the telephone.

The benefits of working with me this way are:

 - Convenience: It is more likely that we will find a time that is suitable for you, such as mornings before work or evenings.

 - Comfort: It can be comforting to be in your own space whilst undergoing counselling.

 - Accessibility: Perhaps you may find travelling to appointments difficult for any number of reasons. Online and telephone therepy is therefore far more accessible.

 - Not Geographically Dependent: You do not need to live geographically close to my practice to work with me. You can decide if you wish to work with me based on how comfortable you feel talking to me.

 - Comfortable: There's no doubt that counselling can, at times, be an intimidating experience. It can feel uncomfortable sitting across from someone as you talk about some of the most traumatic things that have happened to you. I have found that online does offer a more adaptable approach, where you can have your camera off until you're ready, or choose to hide the screen while discussing some subjects. 

 - Discreet: Some people I have worked with previously mentioned finding sitting in the waiting room an uncomfortable experience, due to the off-chance of seeing someone they knew. Online counselling offers you the opportunity to find a quiet and private space of your choosing to wait for the session to begin.